Sennheiser Gaming Earbuds

You will need an adapter. They’re separate mic and headphone 3.5mm phono plugs. You will probably need to get a dual-3.5 to 3.5mm TRS phono adapter for most smartphones.

No. Mic won’t work, it is a separate plug.

How do you pronounce Sennheiser? (in Sean Connery accent)

Do they come with the optional suppository microphone for talking crap during BF2?

Dang, you’re right. I didn’t look at the pic close enough. :frowning:


If these were Turtle Beach, I’d be all over these. That and if they weren’t buds. If I am going to spend $$$ on headphones for gaming, I’d rather have real ear “phones” with the thick padding. Better accoustics and they don’t hurt my ears.

These Gaming Earbuds are not that good. I can easily beat them at Reversi, and when they do Castle Wolfenstein on their own they barely make it through the first level.

In for 1. Built a PC for Battlefield 3 when it comes out, and over-ear headphones irritate me because I also wear glasses.

Ick…Earbuds are never good for gaming. They don’t give you much separation. While they’re not very cool looking, over the ear full sized headphones are much better for gaming.

Wonder if I could plug these things into my Broken Old Caddy!

I find earbuds useless for gaming as they are uncomfortable during long sessions and you need a separate, stand-alone mic. I’ll stick my with true 5.1 Trittons.

Hey WOOT - You need to sell a SANSA FUZE 4Gb. to go with these ear-buds.
Good grief a WOOT-OFF without a SANSA is a WOOT-OFF without a…ROOMBA.

Stepped on mine yesterday and need a replacement.

General rule about Senns is not to bother with anything that costs less than 50 bucks. Anything lower than that is made by the same Chinese companies that crank out iPod headphones and Skullcandy.

Well these do have a mic built in… but if you don’t like earbuds, you wouldn’t like these anyway.

These are not “earbuds.” They’re in-ear monitors. They rest in your outer ear canal, and do so comfortably enough that I’ve worn them for a full day without problems. I’ve heard some people have problems with the rubber inserts, but I’ve never had any such problem.

And the built-in mic works quite well.

Sennheiser makes good products.

I think my primary concern is lows and bass… which to me is important with games.

Uhm. IEM’s go farther into your ear canal.

According to Amazon, these are $170 headphones.

Someone said these MSRP for 170… so what exactly does that mean?