Sennheiser HD On-Ear Stereo Headphones

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I bought these when they were on a couple of weeks ago and have only used them twice, but so far, so good

Funny, Amazon shows a list of $64.95.
Trying to spice up the deal woot?

They seem to always price up the list price to make the % off look even better.

These are for tiny heads.

Bought these for my 12yo when they were on woot a few weeks ago. He loves them. Says they are very comfortable and sound good. From my perspective, I have to yell louder to get his attention than I used to :wink: so take that for whatever it’s worth…

I bought these for my wife last time they were on woot. While I wouldn’t reccomend them for audiophiles or serious music listening, they’re perfect for Skype, gaming, or work. Verrrrrry comfortable, they can be worn for hours without fatigue.

There is one mod that’s pretty much mandatory: pull off the ear pads and remove the big foam plug that covers the diffuser (it isn’t glued or anything), and then put the ear pads back. This will dramatically increase sound quality and make them more comfortable to boot.

Please take this for whatever it’s worth, mileage may vary etc., but this PC, with a Soundblaster ZX soundcard, will not work properly with 4 conductor 3.5mm plugs like these headphones use. I just found this out yesterday, so I have no idea how common or widespread this is, whether it’s just this particular sound card or what. But as the cord on these Sennheiser’s doesn’t look like it’s removable/replaceable, maybe something to research or consider if you’re thinking of using them with a PC along with or rather than a mobile device.

I bought these headphones a few weeks ago thinking they might work with both my PC and Android phone. I may have read in the discussion they did, so I want to set the record straight that they do not. I contacted the manufacturer who confirmed the remote on the wire only works with iPhone, iPad and iPod. They did not work with my husband’s Macbook either. They were comfortable and did block out outside noise, annoying my husband who asked me to take them off to hear him sitting relatively close together in the same room.

I could hear audio from my Samsung Galaxy S5 clearly but the plus and minus buttons on the tiny remote did not work and the middle button actually hung up the phone call! On my PC the audio only sounded great when I kept that middle button pushed in, but obviously I want to use my hand for interacting with the keyboard, not holding down a button.

I am glad Sennheiser and Woot were easy to communicate with via email and I will be getting a full refund after Woot receives my package, which is going out today.

I have had a pair of these (HD219, WITHOUT the inline control) for at least 3 years. Light, flexible, and very good sound for an on-ear setup. My preference is for over-the-ear, so I eventually migrated to a nice Bluetooth set of phones for most of my usage. But these were very good. Too bad they mucked it up with the inline control!

Got mine today. Have to say, I like them quite a bit. Would never have paid retail for them, but they’re light and comfortable and sound good, so they hit all the main points I was looking for. The sides aren’t labeled left or right as far as I can tell–the side with the cord is the left channel, if that matters to you. And the cord feels super flimsy. Hope that warranty works out.