Sennheiser In-Ear Headphones - 2 Pack

sound quality with these are mediocre at best…

yay I was running out of the three pack headphones already

The infamous “Black Woot ear buds”!!

Will this be the last Woot?
Tune in next time,
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Same Woot channel.

I am not feeling loved

While we wait for these to go away someone explain what “impedance” means in terms of sound quality please.

Repeat, since the previous item sold out so quickly:


Superspryte! You’ve been missed. Are you all healed and back in the States?

love the commentary

I can never get these “in ear” headphones to fit and stay in my ear. maybe I have small ear holes or something. I’ll pass, but thanks.

Get a dog.

I bought these in a previous woot. $7 a pair is a fair price, not a bargain. Sound quality is inferior to many similar headphones I’ve had in the past.

These should help the teen population and their continued loss of hearing.

Where’s my monkey…

why would I get this if I didn’t get the $4.99 for three (3 styles) deal earlier? Are these any better???

It’s not going to help much with their grammar, though. has this for 7.99 + Free Shipping. If you need two it’s a great deal, one not so much.

Hard plastic with impossible to use little foam covers are uncomfortable

Well I’m no expert at audio, but I’ll give this a shot. Here goes, impedance is the load expressed in ohms that the device (ear bud) places on the amplifier when it is connected. The lower the impedance the more current it draws, which means more power and should make more sound (louder). That being said, the closer you can get to matching the impedance that the audio device wants to see as a load, the better things should sound. Feel free to tear me apart now and shatter what little self confidence I have…

DO NOT buy these headphones. I did last time and they are awful. Every time the cord moves it makes a hissing noise and you need to keep adjusting it for both ears to work. You’ll be much better off buying a $10 pair from Best Buy or something. Sennheiser is usually such a good brand. But NOT this model.