Sennheiser In-Ear Headphones with Apple Control

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Sennheiser In-Ear Headphones with Apple Control
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Time to check out the product page and good review (7 out of 10 stars) over at

I’m tempted to give these a try just because they’re Sennheisers.

Then again, their low end stuff leaves much to be desired. Wish Woot would pick up something like Grado IEMs, but that would be a pipe dream.

Love these buds!

Will these successfully cancel out the noise people make when they come in my office to talk to me?

I can’t speak to the effectiveness of these headphones in blocking out direct office conversation, but I do know of a more effective noise cancellation device that could be useful - aggressive use of duct tape, which is unfortunately not currently for sale on Woot.

That post there? I see what you did.

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ok headphones

Ugh of course I’ve been shopping for headphones and right after I buy a pair on another site they go on sale here

I had a pair of these but I lost them- wish I could find them though, they were good. I loved the easy control on my iPhone 5. Sound quality was good, but not as good as my CX300’s.

After losing the MM-50’s, I tried the Sennheiser CX 275 S model because it was cheaper on Amazon (at the time- now they are $10 more). The sound quality and noise cancellation is MUCH better on the CS 275 S model than these MM 50’s, but the control system on the MM 50’s is better.

Overall- I think at this price, the MM 50’s are worth it. Or you could head over to Amazon and spend almost twice as much on the CS 275 S model.

I have a pair of the Sennheiser CX300 and they have fantastic sound quality. I would say that Sennheiser earbuds have more bass than other earbuds that I’ve tried. However, they tend to be less rugged. I wear mine out in a year with normal use. If plan to use these in a harsh environment, be warned that they are more delicate than other earbuds.

I can’t speak to the sound quality of this particular set, but I will say that not having a sound controler on the cord is one thing I dislike about the pair I own.

Overall I would recommend Sennheiser brand. Be warned of their flaws though.

Yes, yes, I know they say Apple right on them, but is there anything preventing these from working with Android phones and controlling music/calls?

Kind of wish they came in more colors, like gray or red. Also,does anyone know how well the ear tips fit?

You’ll get audio, you might get the mic to work. But the button will not work to do anything on an Android phone. Apple uses proprietary control signals instead of the standard used by everyone else (Nokia, Blackberry, Android, etc.).

From my experience with a pair of Apple headphones, the ‘pause’ button worked. Double clicking the pause button skipped a song. The Volume up and volume down buttons did not work. The microphone worked fine.

You can most likely use the button to pick up a phone call, end a phone call, pause a song, or skip a song. You most likely won’t be able to change volume.

Edit: I found out this pair only has the ‘pause’ button. Ignore anything I said about volume. You should be able to use this normally to take calls, end calls, pause and skip.


I’ve only had issues with very old versions of Android so as long as you’re using 2.2 (Froyo) or higher you should be good.

looooove sennheiser

Headphones and earbuds never seem to last very long, do they.

My earbuds are one of the only things in the house that I never allow the kids to use because then they really don’t last very long.

Not really. Being rude works better than headphones for that.