Sennheiser In/Over-Ear PC Gaming Headsets

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Sennheiser In/Over-Ear PC Gaming Headsets
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Sennheiser PC 350
Product Page

Need support? Everything you could ever need can be found over on the support page and learn all about Sennheiser

Great headset, can normally find for around 150.

I’ve had these for over 3 years. They came with the Asus Xense soundcard and have been incredible, much better than the Razer I had before it that broke after a year or so. They are comfortable and work as good as the day I got them. I’m thinking about picking them up here even though I have no idea when the first set will fail.

Any info on compatible head sizing? I use a Plantronics GameCon 380 right now and it could have just a bit less headband…

Just FYI person who writes product descriptions noise cancelling is not a pickup pattern.

Anyone know if this works with a PS4? The product page for the PC 350 specifically says it can be used with a PS4, but the PC 350 SE’s product page does not.

Both the 350 and the 350SE use a 3.5mm plug. And yes, evidently any headphones with a 3.5mm plug will work on a PS4:

Any analog headset will work with the PS4 because there is an single 3.5mm jack on the controller. I recommend something like this: so that you can use both the audio and mic on the headset.

The PS4 then allows you to reroute all sound (in-game and chat) to the controller and you can have it all through the headset. I’ve been doing this for about 6 months and it is fantastic. I was using a pair of PC 323d sennheisers and just picked these up to do the same.

Has anyone else had a problem authenticating their PC350 SE on the Sennheiser site?

I love you woot! This isn’t a counterfeit I wooted from you, right? You guys wouldn’t do me like that, would you?