Sennheiser Mini On-Ear Headphones

Sennheiser Mini On-Ear Headphones
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Do these remind anyone else of that Walkman you had in middle school? :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly what they look like.

Time to learn all about Sennheiser

Right? Makes me wish I still had that Presidents of the United States of America tape…

Also, anyone familiar with this brand?

But of course! BTW, you look way too young to remember things like cassettes and Walkman’s.


Their microphones are the best bang for the buck within the Indy musician/artist world at the moment. I own 2 different models and don’t have a single complaint about either. They are built durable and sound clearer than most of their big named competitors. I can’t speak for their headphones.

Yeaaaah, this band takes me back

Don’t let the baby face fool you!

I hope I don’t sound snarky, but that’s something like asking if anyone is familiar with Lamborghini as a car brand! Sennheiser is one of the top headphone makers, they are a big name competitor themselves in professional gear because of how solid their products are. You’re more likely to hear their name tossed around with Beyerdynamic or Audio Technica than with Sony or Bose. Many of their headphones require dedicated headphone amps to reach their full potential (for spatial and sound dynamics reasons, not just volume).

The HD600 was one of the most influential headphones ever and was considered a reference standard for years and spawned a cultish following among audiophiles, similar to computer gamers with Grado (also a top-notch name).

They also made the Bugatti Veyron of headphones, the $16,000 Orpheus HE90…If you know about electrostatic headphones, they are already ungodly expensive, and with just 300 ever made, these sell $30,000+ nowadays and you’re most likely to see them in a glass display case as a work of art at an electronics show than on somebody’s ears.

It’s all about the sound so you won’t see flashy designs like Skull Candy and Beats, but the sound will blow them out of the water. These won’t sound like $1500 HD800s, but any of their product lines is going to be excellent for its class, you can never go wrong with a pair of Sennheisers.

Dear copywriter:

I assume you are just being snarky when you write, “I’m happy Sennheiser FINALLY made a pair of headphones specifically designed to be on your ears…”

I treated myself to a pair of over-the ear Sennheisers to celebrate my first (radio) DJ job in 1981. They have been kicked, knocked of control boards, slammed off the head and who-knows-what and still work today. I now keep them for sentimental value.

Interested to read these are “Optimized for MP3, iPod, iPhone and portable media players…” My first set ALWAYS required the volume be turned up to use them properly.

Like so many companies, they MAY now have “B” line to fill in the gaps in the low-end market. Most WERE made in Germany and I’d like to know where these are made. I find it hard to beleive that, even at full price, they are made in Germany.

[Mothership comment says “China.”]

REALLY detailed review on the mothership:

“My summation of the sound is that the PX95 may be OK out of the box for portable use for most customers, and OK for non-critical hi-fi use indoors when a proper EQ is applied to restore some or all of the recessed treble. I’m aware when I’m doing a hi-fi listen of the less-detailed bass reproduction, and I’m not even certain of the level of bass distortion because it may be smoothed over by that lack of perfect detail, yet I find the bass enjoyable for the music I’ve played. The midrange may not be perfect, but I don’t hear any bothersome colorations, so I’d say the midrange is excellent. The treble is tricky if the EQ isn’t ideal or is boosted even a little too much, since the raggedness of the high frequencies that’s being hidden by the recess becomes noticeable with a treble boost. But when the EQ is done right, the sound is much better than I’d expect for what it cost, and even competitive with headphones in the mid-$100’s USD.”

I was being serious. I’m by no means electronically savvy in the headphones/speakers area. I’ve seen this brand and didn’t like the name so I always wrote it off. You don’t sound snarky at all, I appreciate your post!

Snark intended!