Sennheiser MM 100 Bluetooth Headset

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Sennheiser MM 100 Bluetooth Headset
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12/23/2014 - $79.99 - Click To See Discussion (12 comments)

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4.2 Stars over at B&H Photo

Why don’t these headphones come with a case considering their relatively high cost?

Only Sennheiser knows for sure.

I do not have experience with these…and if this is your first time considering bluetooth headphones, you might want to consider somethng lower in price. I own a pair of Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones I got at Amazon, and they are good…not great but good, at 1/3 this price. An upper end version of these are 66 Audio BTS+ Bluetooth Sports Headphones, also at Amazon. (no, I don’t work for them, but do shop there a lot, and there are now plenty of good options out there.) Personally, my next pair will likely be more like earbuds, and there are several at various price points out there for those as well…

I bought these the last time they were on sale. Paired easily with my 6+. Streaming audio sounds good but occasionally has hiccups. Volume on phone calls is horrendously low and call quality is bad. They are ok but I do not believe they are worth the price considering the multitude of other headphones out there.

I recently returned to the over-the-ear headphone fold. My thoughts are that if you’re happy bluetoothing into a non-amplified system such as an ipod or laptop/desktop, then these headphones are perfectly fine.

On the other hand, if you’re anywhere near an audiophile, even just a little bit, then the (lack of) audio quality, at 80 bucks American, is gonna drive you nuts.

Note: for 20 more dollars, you can get a Sony MDR-7506 headset. Sure, there’s a cord…

While not the exact same model, I tried a set of VERY similar bluetooth headphones a while back. My experience was that if you are a male with an average or even slightly over-sized noggin, you will find headphones like these uncomfortably tight around your head. I nicknamed mine “clamp-phones” and wound up giving them to my son.

These are the best sounding “on ear” (as opposed to “in ear canal”) bluetooth headphones I have owned. (JayBird BlueBuds X win my in-ear title.) I have tried many other brands/models of on-ear bluetooth headsets, but I think these have the best sound, especially for bass. Having said that, I agree with another reviewer that phone call audio is very quiet, but the microphone is decent according to people on the other end.

My biggest complaint with these is that you cannot reliably use them while exercising due to sweat getting in the foam pads and subsequently into the controls. My first pair shorted out in a month, but was kindly replaced under warranty. Second pair lasted 1-1/2 years with me being VERY careful to blot the sweat out of the foam pads during workouts. I’m now on my third headset.

Another issue is the charger port is not mini or micro USB. Instead, it uses the same charger as a Jabra BT5010/BT5020/BT125/BT325.

I use these for work and they’re great. My main concern is they’re not good at canceling outside noise. I was told once they could hear the person in the cubicle next to me talking. But for the price this works.