Sennheiser MX70 Sport Earbuds

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New Sennheiser MX70 Sport Earbuds, for $12.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Sennheiser MX70 Sport Earbuds

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5 stars on Buzzillions for this one…

Good reviews on CNET for the similar MX75s…

Any idea how well these stay in the ear? I hate when earbuds fall out when you do anything.

Wow, that’s a nice looking kind of green. Did you know there are types of green that don’t show up on computers? I wonder if this could be one of those colors…?

Like, ew.

Not much love on Newegg…pass.

Amazon reviewers give so so ratings. It appears that there is a problem with these staying in peoples ears…I was hoping these would be good but the green color is a TOTAL turn off for me.

The CNet user review wasn’t so hot either…

If only the Leak Frog had a headphone jack…these would be perfect!!

The extension might be useful simply as a coupling. What else are you going to do with only 4 some feet total?

Reviews indicate that they slip out constantly as reported at these reviews.

This seems cheap and has poor reviews at the sites that I saw, I’m steering clear…

if only they sold the PMX70 or even MX75, these probably will fall out of your ears just walking

Amazon has a lot of reviewers saying they don’t stay in your ears. That’s pretty infuriating when it happens, so I won’t even take the chance.

i bought the last sennheiser earphones, and i still havent received them yet. smart post s ucks

No dice. I’m waiting for Borg implants.

Amazon has these same pair for $25.63 with free shipping. There is a $10 rebate if you send in your old headphones to Sennheiser. It says the $10 is for “authorized dealers” Anyone know if Woot! is an auth dealer? I have my doubts but you can concievably get these for $8 after rebate…

2 year warranty, can’t be that bad of a deal

Newegg reviews are dung-filled @ $19.99

One good - two poor and one very poor

You’ll probably get them Monday. I got mine yesterday, so I bet yours are in your area.