Sennheiser MX70 Sport Earbuds


I would buy if they weren’t friggin neon green

I have a pair. Fantastic!

headphone MAAAANNNIA

i feel bad for deaf wooters

How about some power tools - im running out of ears for headphone thingys

How about some cheap laptop cooling pads? Plea-s-s-s-s-e-e-e-e?

I sense a Bright Orange Catheter again soon.

shit in a bucket and call me a homo.

These do NOT work with ipod

great company, not such a great product

Yeah, right

But do they have to be GREEN? How many adults are really comfortable enough with themselves to wear these in public?

Besides (cough)…we’ve seen these before.

Too bad they’re green.

holy headphones…

Looks like these mostly suck!

wow. 21khz max freq response, that’s rather unusual for cheap headphones.

bought one for my iphone lol

The Universal Accessory: Duct Tape