Sennheiser Noise Attenuation Earbuds price comparison post

Sennheiser Noise Attenuation Earbuds
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • Sennheiser CX150 Noise Attenuation Earbuds

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Nice price at Woot.

Nice reviews at Amazon.

THere are a couple really good reviews on Amazon

How much noise bleed is there with these?

(I don’t know what it’s really called… but you know… when you here that fool on the train next to you blasting his cRAP music and you can hear every freaking muffled sound from his ear buds…)

They’re pretty nice earbuds, especially for the price, but if you don’t seat them properly in your ears you’d think they were crap.

there’s some (they’re not sealed) but definitely much less than typical earbuds. You can probably cover the vents if you’d like to have them completely closed but I don’t know how that would sound.

According to a couple reviews at amazon the bass is surprisingly good with these.

I do not have these specific earbuds, but I can say a few things about Sennheiser in particular.

I have a pair of their HD series headphones, and I love them. I’ve had them for about six years now, and they’re wonderful. I believe them to have a very flat and accurate frequency response.

I also have a pair of Sennheiser earbuds that I bought. They work well, and while not as good as the Etymotic ER6i that I have, they also cost well under $100.

Something to remember with earbuds like these is that the frequency response from 20-20,000 Hz is only accurate with a very snug fit in the ears. You will not get great low end (bass) response if they’re not snug. Also, that figure goes beyond normal hearing limits in both directions (mostly in the upper segment depending on age and other factors) so it’s a pretty meaningless number. All it means is that it’ll reproduce any frequency you want (however, without seeing the response curve, there’s no guarantee how evenly).

I think my overall POINT is that I believe Sennheiser is a very good quality manufacturer. If you need a new, and compact, pair of earbuds, I would say these should be a good buy. Maybe this ‘review’ is meaningless since I don’t have the product, but for $18 shipped, it can’t hurt you TOO much to try them!

Does anyone know if they stick in your ears when you exercise?

Is the cord style behind-the-neck or conventional?

In my experience, once I changed the earbud “adapters” for the size that fit me best, they stayed in without a problem.

If it’s anything like my CX300 (a step-up from these earbuds, I think), it would be behind-the-neck.

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Sennheiser makes quality headphones. I have an HD424 I bought in 1976, and it still sounds great. Only had to replace the pads a couple of times.

I’m also very happy with my PX 100.

And if I didn’t already have several different Sennheiser earbuds, I’d jump on this deal.

These are great earbuds, I use mine all the time. The cord design is in front not behind the head. Nice tight bass if you get them seated properly. In for 3. Woot on!

It’s conventional. From the writeup: “reinforced symmetrical 3.9ft cable” and I can confirm, having bought last time around.

I put this over on the Deals site and I’m putting it here:

I bought a pair of these the last time around and I hate them. Every time the wires touch something, you hear it. Every time you move, you hear it. And they just make it seem like you have ear plugs in. If you can take all of that, consider this: less than a week after I bought mine, they started electrically shocking my ears. Sennheiser blames it on static electricity; I call BS to that, they’re just crap. I’ve found better for less money, right here on woot.

Pass on 'em.

Since the description says:

I would say it is not behind-the-neck, since “symmetrical” implies same length for left & right cords.

Symmetrical means it’s the Y shaped cord. So traditional.