Sennheiser Noise Attenuation Earbuds

i smell some carrots soon…

Woot Offs suck now.

Edit: Woot has been going downhill overall. What happened to the cool electronics? And I’m not talking about the remote controlled floating snack table.

The shipping actually kills this deal

Just got them on sellout.woot and they arrived yesterday.

They were a good buy.

Are these pretty good?


You’re welcome all.

How is the bass? Are there better deals for the same earbuds out there?

Bought these last week, still waiting for them, hope they’re good!

Then why are you here?

Nice SPL but the frequency response seems a bit high on the low end.

In four 1.

boo. next please.

$18 shipped. Man, I’d have to google for 15 seconds to find a better deal on these…and I am a busy man!

I just got the pair that I ordered a week or two ago, today. I like them so much, my wife insisted I order a pair for her.

Talk about coincidence that they showed up right now.

People talking about how the cord transfers too much contact noise are just whiners. If you want perfect sound, buy cans, not buds.

There ARE good and cheap. They sound great. I bought 2 more.

I just got my 2 from Sellout today! These are great earbuds.

If anyone wants a comparison between these and the Razer ProTone M100’s, here it is:

These are lighter weight, meaning you almost don’t even feel them in your ears, and they have a 90 degree jack on the cord, which can be very handy.

But, even though they’re Sennheiser, they don’t have the full, rich sound of the Razer ProTone M100 earbuds, and their largest rubber earpiece is still a touch small, I find.

They are very comfortable to wear, and have a clearer treble than the Razers, though, but just don’t have the full-room sound that the Razers give.

However, if you want to impress an iPod snob, get them these for their birthday, they’ll be too smitten with name brand to care about the lack of bass.

These look like good earbuds but the shipping doesn’t make it worth a woot.

Actually, I think this Woot-Off is better than the last couple.