Sennheiser Noise Reduction Headphones

Apparently this comes with the mannequin (doesn’t say otherwise!).

i got these and they only lasted for two weeks…idk should i try buying them again?? even though i cant…

maybe they only have 1 to sell


Yikes, for 47 bucks I can cover my ears with my hands.

looks like the headphones from the 80s

These happen to be excellent headphones, and the price is great! Too bad i already own a pair… Make a huge difference on a plane, bus or car.

I was just wondering what I would do with that once it arrives… might be useful come halloween?

I’ve had a pair for 2+ years and they do a great job of getting rid of background noise. I also use them at football games…I can hear the radio over the crowd noise.

I heard that!

  • Mainly because all the other noise was cancelled out.*

I have a pair and have had them for years. Really love them. Great for airplanes and anywhere else you need the noise reduction. I am in for two more (for wife and daughter).

wow, earmuffs for 41.99, just in time for spring!!!

I’ve had a pair for several years, and they are great–though I admit they’re dorky-looking, even if you are not a mannequin.

Wig/hat stand?

Come on woot … $25 elsewhere!

[Froogle]( Noise Reduction Headphones)

These are no doubt high quality made by a good company but certainly expensive.

These are AWESOME !