Sennheiser Noise Reduction Headphones

Now that’s a name in audio equipment

LOVE these headphones. Had them a couple of years ago and they are great! Till I let someone borrow them and they broke’em! So glad I didn’t have to spend another $80-$90 bucks for them!

wow i really got a deal. Got these on clearance at my local sears a couple years ago for $20. They work great


i’ve had 2 pairs for a few years and love them but the covering material is falling apart and leaving bits of itself all over (esp in my hair) and they are hard to get a good fit. they are really good sounding headphones (better than bose) for airplanes, if like me, you don’t like the kind that go inside your ear

Sweet, We get a little head with our headphones.

and to think that I could have gotten these for 40 when I paid 250 for my astros. :frowning:

And out of stock as well.

Wow, this time the headphones are coming with the plastic bold head…

Cheaper elsewhere

I have a pair of Sennheisers I bought in the mid 70s that still sound great (replaced the pads twice).

I had them, lost them on a plane to Hawaii. Now I can get a replacement pair, yay! Quite frankly I don’t care if they are dorky looking, like I care if I impress the guy in seat 4A who is wearing Bose 'phones. He is a pretentious ijit who paid too much for noise reduction. The Bose system in my Mazda sounds like garbage.

I work in cubeland and the person on the other side of the wall is a very loud talker. Will this allow me to concentrate, or do I need to get airport style noise blockers?

They are great! I won’t board a plane without them.
I paid twice as much for them, though…

These are some of the best noise cancelling earphones I have every used. Work almost as good as the top of the line, yet are lighter and cooler on your ears.

How much for just the manikin head? :smiley:

WRONG. Show me a cheaper set that is in stock. Out Of Stock super low prices are a classic bait and switch tactic by on-line electronics stores.

Whaddya mean, headphones from the eighties? What do “modern” headphones look like?

Oh, you mean these aren’t those tinny little no-bass ear-plugs? Is that the definition of “modern headphones” now?

From experience as an audio engineer, Sennheiser makes great microphones, but not so great headphones. Even their professional line studio headphones just don’t do it for me. Never tried their consumer headphones though. Also, active noise cancelling is always an instant sign of loss of audio quality. Noise ISOLATION can still cut upwards of 26db (which is plenty), but doesn’t degrade the quality of the incoming audio at all.