Sennheiser Noise Reduction Headphones

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Sennheiser Noise Reduction Headphones
$41.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Sennheiser PXC150 Noise Reduction Headphones

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Sennheiser Noise Reduction Headphones [New] - $41.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Sennheiser PXC150 Noise Reduction Headphones

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AGAIN??? I’ve bought way too many headphones from woot already

I’m having a Happy Hour Deja Vu moment!

This is what happy hour ended with last week.

This music major approves of your writeup.

what is a rage quit?

i like the John Cage 4’33" reference…

(it’s 4 min 33 seconds of silence.)

Does chuck norris have to come over there woot?

sorry i figured it out
rage quit = woot k.i.l.l.e.r

Great Headphones … Glad to get a second set. Super Sound … The set I bought several years ago were like $120.

Listen to the Sounds of Silent (Carp)

will these work with that Ipod i just bought?

bag of awesome om nom nom

Fritz Sennheiser died about a week ago. Ultimately he’s responsible for the design of these headphones as well as the shotgun mike.

(today’s trivia.)

Agreed…there better some BoC in this woot-off…there wasn’t one last time…

RIP Dr Sennheiser. Thanks for the beautiful sound.

how amny head phones they going to sell today. Checkout:

So when I am playing video games, I wont be able to hear my wife’s nagging? Sweet!