Sennheiser On-Ear 900MHz Wireless RF Headphones

This certainly is a blast from the past. I got one of these about a decade ago. I still use them at work because they’re just so convenient. They use an analog dial to tune in to the wireless channel the base is set to, but there’s a small range you need to get it to, not a single sweet spot. They’ve outlived their original batteries, but otherwise they’re still working fine after all this time.

This is a great piece of electronics. I say this because of the tremendous value for money this provided to my dad. See, his hearing was getting weak in his early 70’s. Hearing aids in India were the same as here, uber expensive, and he even got something that cost a lot. Somehow it was not helping him. And did not do him much good while listening TV.

I was getting concerned that he was not reacting well to jokes etc that his friends crack, as he could not hear them. He just pretended to hear it, and laughed when they laughed. And watching some TV was proving to be an effort, as increasing the volume often distorts the sound. I came across this about 7 years ago, paid about $90 for it, took it to him - and let me tell you it was life changing for him. He started laughing at the TV jokes, and he became aware again of current news, etc.

And in the heat and dust of South India on it’s worse days, this Sennheiser still works. It’s plastic and the headphone covers etc are slowly wearing down, so I am getting him a new one this time.

Absolutely worth every penny, and then some.

(Oh, and now he has two MD Hearing Aids from Chicago that we bought him, and his social life with friends is back to how it was in his fifties - he can hear everything, driving is again safe for all as he can hear cars. That is another life saver as far as I am concerned - check it out.)

Does this include an AC adapter for the base or is this set entirely battery operated?

The transmitter (base) has a power adapter:

In the box:

Sennheiser RS 120 On-Ear 900MHz Wireless RF Headphones
TR 120 RF Wireless Transmitter / Charging Cradle (audio cable is attached)
(2) AAA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
RCA to 3.5mm Audio Adapter
3.5mm to 1/4" Audio Adapter
Transmitter Power Cable

I already have these. Work great if you and your partner and different ideas about watching TV in bed.