Sennheiser Over-Ear Stereo Headphones

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Sennheiser Over-Ear Stereo Headphones
Price: $39.99
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Daaaaaaaaang, these are like $30 less than Amazon. I’m in for one… I think.

What size plug?

Check out the Product Page


Per the Specs Tab:

Jack Plug: 3.5mm Gold / 6.3 mm gold adapter

For a moment, I thought these were the HD 518’s I’ve been crying over missing.

I was about to jump up and down while ordering, but I was then disappointed.

Not your fault, Woot. I just now have my heart set on what I missed out on.

3.5 mm with a 6.3 mm adapter included, as well as 2 different length cords.

These are very comfortable. My hat size is 7 5/8 and these are one of the few headphones that aren’t constantly reminding me of my big head.

Pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at and



Anyone know the diameter of drivers? 40mm or 50mm? I’m looking for a pair of new over-the-ear headphones, but I only want 50mm. I can’t believe the specs wouldn’t include this information.

Looks like these are the ones, and they have really good reviews.

This review cites it as 40mm (and goes in a lot of detail on other things as well).

I have had the 575s for years, Best headphones I have ever had. Great sound and comfort. I payed twice this 15 years ago.

This is an unusually good deal for any over-ear Sennheisers. is the default hangout for audiophile discussions about headphones – these were very well reviewed by that site’s users at their original price ($100+ street).

do they go loud? i know these portable devices can’t seem to pump the juice to make me deaf on reg headfones. Need some that will make my ear ring with output from portable devices.

Sony MDR-XB50s will destroy your ears from an Android device. On just my HTC One with either Nuetron or PowerAMP using their included bass boosts and pre-amps, they can literally rattle your jaw and make your ears ring. Off of a standard PC headphone jack…not so much. They are pretty quiet in that situation. I love them either way.

In your case, you should pay attention to the impedance values on headphones. Lower impedance means they can be driven more easily, which means higher effective volumes.

These are 32ohm units which put them on the lower impedance end of the consumer headphone range. Should get nice and loud. I’ve got a set of the HD205s, which are also 32ohm Sennheiser cans. They get nice and loud.

Source at Head-Fi

I grabbed the 518’s and they are awesome!!! But they have open chambers which leak in anything going on around you. They’re awesome when your at home in quiet room. This set are closed so they should be much quieter if your going to use them out an about.

This might help you too, the 518’s unfortunately come with a dedicated 1/4 inch jack on the cable, so you have to attach a step down adapter to it which makes it really kinda long when it’s attached to a device. I guess they went this route because it’s primarily meant for at home use. in my estimation, the best thing they do is sound staging, they create an electrostatic sound really well, and electostatic phones are 1000$.

Keep an eye out for Noontec HD’s, Woot sells them from time to time and they sound awesome for all sorts of music and they’re made for traveling.

This is a SWEET deal! Great reviews at Amazon, and I’ve always had lots of luck with Sennheisers. I’m in for 2… :slight_smile: