Sennheiser RS-100 Wireless Headphones

Happiest day was when I sold them. These sound nothing like a good wired headphone and they are cheaply made and you have to take the apart to put in new batteries – not rechargeable.

Passing on these

My wootsnoop was chastised earlier for being too snoopy! Happen to anyone else?


shit… nice… if only i didn’t already have headphones from woot…

is anyone else having problems with the site on firefox?

Got them is a wootoff last year. Same price. The reception is terrible past about 3’.

dang i was still reading comments from the pack now i refreshed and this was up

refurbed headphones

can i have some refurbed toe clippings

I have this brand and exact model of headphones, and they suck. The receiver picks up several of my neighbors cordless phone conversations. Very creepy.

These are pretty nice. I bought 2 last wootoff. Work like a charm, up to 100 feet or more in my tests too!

Can I plug these into the base of a phone?

bring on the good stuff…

After shipping, this is 1 dollar cheaper at dakmary…


Look, if you have to ask, you don’t want to know. You ARE over 18, aren’t you?

wires are for charger station

in for 2, one home, one work

Amazon doesn’t like 'em:

Buy me one too!