Sennheiser RS-130 Wireless Headphones

In for one.

In for 1. Not letting these get away again!

I’m with him/her. I have a pair and they are the biggest piece of crap I have ever bought.

Personally, I’m waiting for the neural implanted wireless headphones - they’ll probably work on Bluetooth 3.6, whenever that gets released…

AGP is for video, these are audio…get a thought

gah! that signal to noise ratio is TERRIBLE. ill stick with my nice akg’s, thanks…

i have these–work fine

You should have waited for the scheduler they always have at 99$, congrats though.

My point exactly. You could get some wired Sony phones for half the price that sound twice as good.

mines hedset hvs wirz

steveo47 is so full of fail it hurts me :frowning:

We’re loving these in CT and TN (?) go figure … Buy buy buy …

Huh…they still had a few of these left over from the last time they were on here I guess.

I got 2 pairs from woot the last time they were on here. There was no “earwax” issue; they were spotlessly clean. There’s occasional static due to the “wireless” part, especially if you have a lot of wireless devices, but they are otherwise clear. I think they make headphones that can digitally correct that, no? I’m happy with the sound of them, too. Everyone who’s tried them at college was jealous.

My only complaint is that they will automatically turn off if there’s no sound going to them for a period of time, to save the batteries. The batteries last a good 4 hours, I’d say, anyway.

so sorry…you can buy one, but when you stick it in your AGP slot, and video doesn’t come out of your audio headphones, dont be mad at me


These are different. You’ll notice they’re asking $30 more!

oic…mai bad:(

but is it coming out on the DS?

I was given these for xmas two years ago. They have AMAZING sound quality and the range is perfect. I plug them in my laptop so I can listen to music throughout the house without blaring the radio or turning each radio on and off. I am buying 3 to give as gifts this year. DEFINITELY worth it.

I bought a cheaper pair of IR (infrared) headphones… love’em.
$35 new at Best Buy in '04
Booooo RF.
Hooray IR and Bluetooth (bling bling)

WOOT OFF! Now I can’t get anything done!