Sennheiser RS-130 Wireless Headphones

I’m getting these for my FIL who is becoming hard of hearing. He can still hear but has to have the TV really loud. I think these just may save his marriage or his life!

Thanks for the thoughtful review…

I know. Guess I’m not going bowling tonight. ;[

you should probably buy three more as well. just for good measure

The “Utah” question, answered?!?

In a most amazing discovery, possibly exceeding the amazement of Fox’s 'Alien Autopsy" or Geraldo Riviera’s ‘Excavation of Al Capone’s Basement’, our crack research team has discovered the mystery of “Utah Woot Activity”!

Contrary to “popular knowledge”, Utah does not appear to be so active in Woot’s per capita map because each male has each of their 14 wives buy three of each item. No, it is because of {gasp} their population (aka - their capita)!

Please review the map at … There were 4 coffee makers available. Each was sold to a different state, yet Utah show many times brighter than NY, Ohio, or Mass. Now, a quick search of the Google will show that the population of Utah is less than NY, OH, and MA (even though each of those 14 wives within child bearing years should be pregnant or have a child under 1 year old). Amazing!

So, as soon as all of those kids pop out of those bellies, we should see a decrease in the “Why is Utah so active in Woot” questions.

There - wasn’t that soooo much more exciting than finding an old bottle?

dont call me a manos…hold on…im googleing it now WTF…pancakes???

Oh My - at one time there would be hundreds of comments if an item stayed up for more than a few minutes during a woot-off. Is this a good measure of consumer interest in the site?

I have wired Sennheisers, and they’re good. That being said, the issues have already been raised that bother me: it’s refurbed and it’s RF. A new, bluetooth headset I’d invest in, but I’m not willing to invest in something that’s at the trailing edge of the technology - not when I can just as easily buy some KILLER wired headphones (or use the killer wired ones I already have).

Also, be wary of Sennheisers that have special bass response or anything that messes with the EQ or tone. I’ve bought one of those by mistake, and you can’t always turn that crap off. It ruins almost everything.

Got these. They ROCK! Beats the heck out of a few wired sets I have and the range is amazing too. Clean, crisp and comfortable.

I read carp so many times on this woot…

I thought the sale was for bait or a fishing rod.

used headphones…gross… this is not a woot-off, its a junk-off

To be fair, these are probably about as good as RF headphones get, but why not get a better digital solution?

he said junk-off

In for 1. My parents recently retired and my father has taken to blaring his music so he can hear it anywhere in the house. Needless to say my mother is not amused. This will be the perfect b-day present for him with the bonus of making mom happy too!


I havent seen the first funny cat picture. But I havent been here that long today.

der havnts bin one yetz

The ones I bought on here are the same model, but back then they wanted about $60, from what I remember.

I actually found a pair on a shelf at the local WalMart for $50.

I got these last time. They’re nice headphones. Mine came with a new set of the fuzzy earpieces so no wax issues.

wow. thanks for the update, i’ll be sure to fill that in on my calendar…GEEEZ

Only if they had a mic on them :frowning:

dude, the wax was a joke…you know that right?