Sennheiser RS170 Wireless Headphones


these look sick


man, i really need headphones but these are a bit too over my price range :frowning:

Look like nice headphones, wish I had a use for 'em

Very, but soooo cool!!

Have them, they are freakin SWEET

These are good, but not $150 worth of good.

Not cheap, but this is a very good price compared to Froogled merchants.

someone bought 3???

Everybody’s complaining but they sell for about $280 shipped everywhere else.

too legitimate to quitimate

These things are all over the net at $250. Great price if you’re in the market.

Do these things have a gold nugget hidden inside them? That seems like a lot to pay for a pair of headphones.

These things ROCK! Have a set for like two years now and I can use them in the back yard. Range is amazing.

Looks like there were only 6 of them, hope they sell out soon.

are these carp??? i believe so

itd be like getting a pair of KOSS phones…lol

I want them, can afford them but can’t justify spending $150.00 on headphones when I have a really good pair plus backups… is sad.

Yeah, especially for headfones on woot