Sennheiser RS180 Wireless Headphones

$190!! ouch!

Best brand ever, but its a woot off kill. Pull $200 out for the team!


too much mula for something i don’t really need

i could wear these at night during a wootoff, so wouldnt wake up my wife.

this will be a while.

no need

Bluetooth headset will DO!!!

With $190, I’ll save up for a decent laptop or gaming console.

Oh Dr. Sennheiser. Where would we wooters be without your headphones? Rest in peace sir…rest in peace.

In for three… oh wait, mis-read it, thought they were a buck ninety each…

The reason I come on to woot is to find deals. This may be one but $190? really? I can’t afford that.

But somehow its selling

I don’t know about this specific model, but my wireless Sennheiser headphones are awesome. I’d wager these are, too.

I Agree

I already have some of these. They are awesome! I can pick up my neighbor’s phone conversations on them. One time, she was talking about blueberries and fiddleheads.

I don’t know what a fiddlehead is.

Worth maybe $140. $190 is maddening.

$250 @ Amazon

'Anyone care to try my new Woot-Off Checker? Come chat with us right on the page… "

Why must you spam this every time?

woot killer already???