Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste Fresh Wave

Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste Fresh Wave

Is really the right price for the travel size? Amazon has about the same size for the 4.oz size.
Hmm .8 oz or 4 oz same price?


This is the one we’re selling.

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Seems expensive for a travel size!

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Yeah, this price is CRAZY for a travel size…WTH??!
and here is a four pack for $5 and change
regular price is less than $2 for these - though this flavor is being phased out I believe.
regular store price for the like is $1.25-$1.5 at every drug store, target and walmart.

Literally every thing in this clearance isle in woot is either way more expensive or way, way, way, way more expensive than in store anywhere.
excluding items listed I know nothing about which may or may not be too high (I’m presuming yes)
and maybe printer paper if you don’t only buy it when it goes on sale (I only do)

Holy jeepers people actually bought this!! They are going to be disappointed when they get their travel sized tube. Amazing.

I sure was duped. I thought for sure they sent me the wrong size, but I see I didn’t pay attention to the listing.
Damn you, woot. You win this round.

What’s the current score?

Woot has all my money, so it’ll never truly tip in my favor.

No fair.

I want some of your money.

I think something is definitely jacked with that amazon ASIN…