Sensor Paper Towel Dispenser - White





I was sure this was a joke… But, I guess it will look good next to my banana slicer!


What do you do if you have those towels with 1/2 sheets? Do you have to press the button twice to get a full sheet? Is it going to require a tear at each 1/2 sheet?

And yes…“Why?” is the perfect question.


Built-in optical scanner that identifies the perforations on the paper towel and stops right at the perforated line every time, making tearing towel sheets easy and mess free.

Finally something to make my life easier.
Will this work with toilet paper as well ?


Some roll towels are perforated at the 1/2 sheet mark, and this is just stating that it will read that as well as a full sheet, not just some preprogrammed length.


it might be funny, when my cat walks by it on the counter where she’s not supposed to be, right up until I have a pile of paper towels on the counter, floor and dragged to various places in the house


Or you could, you know… pull it off?


Seems like extra work to me. I think I can continue to manage paper towels without electro-mechanical assistance. I’m wondering if those that need this should be allowed to drive a car???


This is - by far - the biggest waste of money I have seen in an incredibly long time, if not ever. And the fact that it normally sells for more than twice as much just makes me lose even more hope for the humanity. For shame all who buy this product… FOR SHAME!


I notice they carefully do NOT mention how big your paper towel roll can be. My guess: 1/2 inch diameter LESS than the size I usually buy.


The video indicates that it won’t do that. Unless the previous dispense is torn off, it won’t dispense another. Presumably.

What’s your cat doing up on the counter? You know it’s feet were JUST in the litter box don’t you?


Yes, Mitch, I thought the same thing… my Costco rolls are pretty fat. (insert joke here)


5? Really? You have to get rid of 5 paper towel dispensers and you subject the woot off masses to this torture?


I have three of these and think they are a waste of money. They are extremely tempermental and frequently jam. They can be adjusted for half sheets or strange sizes, but then they forget the setting after working well for a few feedings. I also think they feed too slowly. One is far better off with a non-electric paper towel holder. In fact I gave up on these and turned them off. They just sit there as manual feed paper towel holders now.


Poorly reviewed too.