SensorLOFT® Plush Fiber Topper- 4 Sizes

**Item: **SensorLOFT? Plush Fiber Topper- 4 Sizes
Price: $29.99
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Condition: New

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I need a memory foam mattress, come on woot…


I’m going to have to sleep on this one before I decide.

I would have bought one… but my bed is a California King (84x72), not an Eastern King (76x80).

My eyes must be getting bad because I could of sworn this was an inflatable mattress. Seems like a great price but definitely would like others input if anyone has any experience with toppers.

Let’s read some important facts about sleep

Appears to be the same as the SensorPEDIC Memory Loft Deluxe Bed Topper on Amazon, which has a price range $69.94-$113.43. Reviews a bit of a mixed bag at 3.5 stars. Any idea of how this would do on a sleeper sofa bed?

I have no experience with this particular topper but we got a bad one once with only vertical baffles and the canyons were miserable. This one seems to be better made. But, here’s the question for you…Where are you going to put this baby when you close up your sleeper sofa? They don’t deflate…and they’re very awkward to deal with off the bed.

I’m with the sleeper sofa question. Storage isn’t a problem, but we have a sleeper sofa that’s just NOT comfortable, and we’re having guests who are going to be using said sleeper for a few days at Christmas. If this would help, I absolutely would shell out $40 (queen size) for it.

I have a fairly similar topper, purchased elsewhere – I’d have to check the brand, but it’s the same kind of stitch pattern / baffles, etc. At first, it was amazing – so it would probably be fine for your holiday guests. But after several months of use, it started getting lumpy, and nothing I’ve been able to do so far has restored its fluff. I eventually took it off the bed because the unevenness from it was worse than the plain mattress.

As I said, I’m not sure of the brand I have, so mileage may vary for this, but they look pretty similar and have similar descriptions.

Yep, me too. Why no California King size Woot? California won’t let me order tonight’s Pellet Rifle either. :slight_smile:

Anyone know if this would be a good replacement for the pad that DUXIANA beds use? They seem similar, but the DUXIANA pad is over $1000.

How did the bicycles wind up on the other side of the car? Did that one girl carry them both through the street? Did it really take less than a minute to bring both bicycle up the street?

Same question here. California Kings are awesome. What do you have against alternate royalty? ;p

Seriously, I wanted a Cali-King topper :frowning:

I have one for my sleeper sofa and take it off and store it in an ottoman that I have. It really makes sleeping on the sofa bed much much better.

we have a similar one (will have to check the brand) we have used it with a memory foam kinda matteress for about 2 years…it’s been great! no complaints. think I might buy this one because we just upgraded to a.king size memory foam mattress. we’ll keep our fingers crossed for another good experience.

I have always used those “egg-crate” toppers, and they are great. They only last a year or so and the nice ones are roughly $100. So if this last evan that long, at $50, I am looking forward to trying it out! :slight_smile: