Sensoro Speed Trap Tracker Radar Detector

Strange looking, for an earbud.

I’ve never seen one that looks like that before.

not a bad price

This looks so cheap its funny. Its just a radar detector right?

piece of C R A P

ya… now, how about a bag o crap? =) high hopes im sure…

When I first saw this, I thought it was a robotic floor vacuum that gets into corners!
Bring on the bag guys.

That’s what she said.

It’s a Blackberry Conference Call Phone for your dashboard! Yeah!!

“Detecting additional crap ahead.” - Sensoro RW1100 Speed Trap Tracker Radar Detector

Radar Detectors are something you should probably spend just a little more money on than 20 bucks. I wouldn’t trust my driving record to this overgrown Valium pill.

I think it only picks up one band?

is this just for speed traps or does it work on K and Ka band radar as well?

I wish I knew what bands this detected/if it picked up LIDAR, etc.

Can that thing clock how fast I’m leaving this wootoff?

Illegal in Virginia but since it doesn’t even look like a regular one, would they know? How do they know?

Maybe we could use this to check the speed to the first woot during boxes of cheerios… usually it’s negative seconds.

Don’t let the roombas see you typing that >.>

Wow that Tony Bahama luggage really looks like a bag 0 crap at first glance!!! I almost ordered three before I realized it wasn’t a BOC

i cant wait not to get this!!