Sensoro Speed Trap Tracker Radar Detector

There’s an app for that!

Marrob I don’t think this is compatible with your mac, app or no app


breakin the law breakin the law!

I know :frowning:

Does this pick up lazer radar guns as well?

Do cops really still use radar?

I remember when these radar detectors came out and were over $100…

anyone know how much these go for and if they are any good?

A watched bowl never pours!

Another battery eater… I’ll pass…

Since New York bans these devices, I have no choice but to drive the speed limit…

amazons link

How far in advance do these typically warn you before you pass a radar.

bad review on amazon

Does it scream like the soul of the damned??

bypass other cars

Any cop around here ? Maybe he can tell us if this thing will prevent to know each other on the road.

I assure you, mine goes off on a semi-regular basis.