Sensoro Speed Trap Tracker Radar Detector

Another one? At least this is inexpensive.


anyone have one? does it work?

enough with the radar detectors…

Handy, but they pick up more false positives than actual ones.

And cops generally are smart enough to hide well so that when you detector goes off they already have you clocked.

why does woot want up to speed so badly??

All these radar detectors every wootoff

paper weight

I just want to thank Woot for keeping these deals coming! Woohoo!

That being said… another radar detector? They must really want a lunch break.

does it scream like the souls of the damned when a speed trap is detected?

Here’s an amazon review…not good

a review! whoo!

Another dumb product!!

Re- my remark on the last radar/laser detector.

Flouting the law vs. monitoring radio frequencies, and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

If you are going to sell radar detectors then sell the Escort 9500ix.

I would buy it immediately. Possibly 3 quantity.

Enjoy your lunch people

Are these legal in VA or DC?

Looks like it’s finally time to make a Starbucks run.

Looks like this might be woot killer I’ve been waiting for to take my lunch…

will this pick up cops taking radar or is it only for stationary speed trap sensors. and is it legal in states that are anti-radar?