Sensoro Speed Trap Tracker Radar Detector

Amazing to see the crap people buy so quickly here.

Hay Hay Hay the pace continues. Only a minute or two on the GPS

I hope they keep it up

Looks like a roomba

Yes but… Will it BLENNND?

virginia doesn’t like these :frowning:

amazon reviewer doesn’t either

anyone know why my woot widget keeps showing a casio exim camera? Both the one in my task bar, and the sidebar widget keep sending me the camera every time a new item goes up.

I will be eternally indebted to you, Senor. Who are you?
You may call me… Sensoro.
Sensoro? But Sensoro…
Yes, senorita, Sensoro has been dead these many years - but the spirit of Sensoro will never die.

Nope, I’m getting it on my WootWatcher app for my droid too, kinda irritating but I guess I’ll just be an F5 Junkie til it is fixed or I fall asleep at my pc >.<

Woot changed something. None of the trackers are working.

Really?! How good do you think a $15 radar detector is going to do. I mean honestly… hey, If you want just hand the $15 over to me.

Amazon and give it horrible customer reviews.