SensorPedic Bounce 3" Topper-6 Sizes

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SensorPedic Bounce 3" Topper-6 Sizes
Price: $74.99 - 119.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Oct 30 to Friday, Oct 31) + transit
Condition: New


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Check out some info on the Bounce Topper

Time to learn all about the benefits of sleep from Harvard and Web MD

Anybody know if this is worth getting to go with the memory foam mattresses woot recently sold - or would they be redundant?
Is this really more intended to go on a regular mattress, in an attempt to improve it?

Where are these manufactured?

Looking at all of their other toppers and pillows on Amazon, it shows the origin as China.

Don’t expect your standard size sheets to tuck in under the mattress.

If you have a queen bed, you’ll want king sheets… if you have a king bed… you should buy a nicer mattress instead.

Thank you.

As long as you buy deep pocket sheets, you should be ok. I have a thick mattress with a pillow top and a topper. My king sheets fit just fine.

Good Morning, I am a representative of Soft-tex.
I am not sure which memory foam mattress you purchased, but the Sensorpedic Bounce 3 inch topper increases airflow and breathability through its ventilated memory foam and ventAIR sides. In addition to your current mattress!
This topper has a springy latex feel which would add a different feel to your mattress and increase comfort. With the integrated iCOOL technology system the foam is a super open-cell memory foam that does not sleep hot, allowing you to sleep cooler and more comfortable. It also has an advanced ventilation fabrication process which increases air-flow and is five times more breathable than the leading competitor’s memory foam.
The CleanCOOL technology circular-knit fabric is woven with specially engineered fibers that dissipate heat and eliminates odors, resulting in a clean, comfortable and refreshing night’s sleep.
This would be a great addition to your memory foam mattress leaving you sleeping cool and comfortable all night.

Return policy? My wife is bugging me about our bed. I think it’s fine, but she wants more cushion and comfort. If we get this and determine we don’t like it, I guess we pay to ship it back…which would be nearly impossible seeing these are usually vacu-packed, something the average home owner couldn’t do to something so big…

Our return policy is linked in my signature. Just know though that you’ll never get that thing back as small as it ships as it’s vacuum sealed.

The normal procedures for return policies are through Woot but Soft-tex Manufacturing is here to assist with your questions and concerns. Your retail box will have warranty and contact information if you have any questions. Please refer to the customer support page on the Woot website for direct questions with their return policy. We will be surprised if you are disappointed! - Soft-tex Manufacturing

So I saw someone ask about the return policy, I went and read the woot policy in general… if it’s not defective or damaged then what? Since it’s a bedding item, this one is all about feel… if it doesn’t feel good return, don’t get my shipping back and pay a 15% or just not possible to return? Since i never return to woot, I’m unfamilar with the rules.

To Softtex: Reading your website it seems that this is memory foam, but somehow modified to feel like latex. I do have a latex and am looking for a cush factor ontop of what is otherwise a fabulous bed… using any measure of the industry, how soft is this? 4ILD? 2Lb foam? Please advise

Ah, was too slow to see the response… again since it’s a feel issue, it sounds like work through woot if it doesn’t give the right feel… right?

Basically, feel is not a defect.

It has a quilted super plush cover over a springy supportive yet soft latex like memory foam!

So is it memory foam or latex? Also ILD? Lb-age?

what are the measurements for the twin XL please?