SensorPedic Mattresses & Foundations

Soon to be followed by listing for I, Roomba?

If I buy three I’ll have a Trilogy.

I can’t find a single comment or review about this mattress anywhere.

Is this a firm mattress?

Love the Foundation reference!

Its density is 2.5 lbs, which is low density. Lower density memory foam mattresses tend to be firmer because the layer of actual memory foam in lower density mattresses is thinner. That holds true here as well: the base/supportive layer on this mattress is 9-inches, while the actual memory foam layer is only 3-inches, which is a bit thin.

Since reviews are so hard to come by with this brand, I would steer clear of these mattresses.



Anyone know anything about the frames? For example, how much weight will they support? The mattresses themselves will weigh 50-80 lbs (I’m guessing) so that needs to be factored in.

And if you don’t place a board on the frame, wouldn’t the wire and grating cut into the bottom foam layer? We’re talking about a 170lb man ad 140lb woman lying on top in addition to the weight of the mattress. And yes, there will occasionally be a lot of shaking on the bed so we want to be sure it’s stable.

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Anyone know
And if you don’t place a board on the frame, wouldn’t the wire and grating cut into the bottom foam layer?

Foam mattresses should always be on a flat surface. I don’t understand the ignorance of pairing a frame like this with a foam mattress.

Normal spring mattresses don’t need a board because the springs are hard and won’t be damaged by the wire grating of this frame. But latex and memory foam are different. if you lay them bare on the frame, the mattress’s weight (60-90 lbs) in addition to the sleepers’ weight will cause the wires to cut into the foam. It’s best to place a board in between the mattress and the frame. At the very least put a rug or some yoga mats. If you’re on a tight budget, buy 8 Welcome Mats at the Dollar store and lay them across the frame. I’ve literally seen some ugly ones for $1 each. And if you’re on a VERY VERY tight budget, simply cut up the cardboard box this frame comes in and lay that across the frame.

It’s tough to rate memory foam for firmness because they start on firm but soften as your body heat is transferred. I have a memory foam pillow that literally gets as hard as styrofoam when placed near a cold window in the Winter. But after being exposed to my body for 30 mins, it turns as soft as normal foam.

If I had to guess, based on my memory foam mattress, I would say that the bottom support layer is medium firm, while the top memory foam layers are soft-medium. And that should be fine because you’d want the top few inches to conform to the curves of your back.

Actually, I think 3" of memory foam would have been perfect for us. Instead, we spent more money and got one with 4" (2" topmost gel memory foam + 2" middle circulating memory foam). That’s proven a bit too soft and “cushiony.” The memory foam layer should be just a bit thicker than the inner curvature of the back.


I bought this foundation CalKing for $105, same exact thing.