SensorPedic Mattresses & Foundations

Same frame sold under a different name…save some money! Last time I tried to order this frame from woot they were “sold out”. Get it cheaper from the mother ship

Are you positive it’s the same? The one you linked looks very similar, but it doesn’t have an adjustable height, for example. I’m not saying that’s a required feature, nor am I saying that the one you linked is or isn’t superior, just that it’s different.


I work with Soft-tex, the manufacturer. There are a few differences between the 2 frames, the adjustable height is one and also ours is steel and the other one is metal.

Non-metal steel?

It is a steel foundation.

Oh c’monnn! How is there not one comment that the pillow on the bed looks like a delicious donut?!?

?? QUESTION ?? Does the Sensurpedic mattress NOT NEED a boxspring ? Also I’d it recommended to buy a special mattress cover (that which is washable?) ? Appreciate the help with my questions.

How many inches of clearance are there with these when set at the highest setting? I am surprised the stats don’t give info on height. Does it come with the adapter plates to attach the headboard / footboard? If you have a headboard / footboard that uses the hook style attachment (currently hook rail), can you use that?


I work for the manufacturer, you do not need a box spring if you have a flat surface for the memory foam mattress to sit on. For example the foundation shown with the mattresses.


The height adjusts from 11" at its lowest setting to 14" at the highest. It does come with headboard and footboard attachments, they are plates and they do not work with the hook style attachment. You would screw the headboard/footboard in.

So are these mattresses any good? Anyone know anything about them… is this a good price?

So I just bought a memory foam mattress. I was told I need a platform frame/slate frame for it. Would this frame be sufficient?

I have slept on one every night for the last year and a half and Im buying the King sized one today. Its firm, but form fitting and doesn’t get too hot. We have a plastic mattress cover on it (our 3 year old son climbs in bed with us at least once a week) and even with that on it doesn’t get too hot. It has an odor for the first couple weeks that goes away. We’ve been patiently waiting for this to show back up on Woot because we wanted a new one for our new house.

This frame would be sufficient for any mattress as it doubles as your foundation. The cover doesnt appear to come with it though.

I’m really interested in the 12 inch memory foam mattress but do I NEED to replace my boxspring and foundation for this? My mattress is shot but my box spring doesn’t seem too bad.

from the above Amazon link:
Replaces bed frame and box spring.