SensorPedic Mattresses & Foundations

If anyone is thinking about getting this mattress, do it. We have it and we love it. It is one of the most comfortable mattresses that we have ever slept on.

Which one?

I bought the 12 inch king last time and it is great. Very happy with the quality and comfort.

Heya! Can anyone that already bought one of these give me a rough idea of how firm they are and how much they hold in body heat? Thanks!

does this take a regular boxspring

Most answers I’ve seen on our site have been that memory foam mattresses will work on a box spring or platform bed.

What’s with the platform frame……doesn’t look anything like the same model on the SensorPedic website? Actually looks like one of many different name brands available everywhere for around $100. ???

Can you link? I’m seeing the same photos as ours with Google search

A couple questions…

  1. Is it just a waste of money to get the fancy schmancy iniflex one and put a regular (non-memory foam) mattress on it?

  2. What are the dimensions of the largest piece of the queen frame? Our box spring is broken because it didn’t fit through the stairwell (okay, we cut the board to make it fit-- don’t judge me) and I don’t want to deal with that again. If it’s just one flat panel, I think we could get it around the railing… but if it’s got any height to the panel then probably not. I assume only the king size frame has the two panels (that look like they fold) in pictures 2, 4, and 6?

We essentially just need a new box spring but I wouldn’t mind a new frame too, especially if it can replace the box spring and it lets me put the bed up a little higher.

What’s the density of the support foam layer in the 10" mattress?

Other sites are listing it as 3 lb density.

I will ping the staff and hopefully have an official answer soon.

Thanks! Also, the mattresses sold a couple weeks ago said the foam was made in the US, but this one doesn’t say - do you know if it is?

Biggest question of all - I blew it 2 weeks ago and missed out on the amazing mattress sale… question is - what are the chances the same (or very similar) sale will come up again before Christmas? Huh, huh?

I lied… another very important question and I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere - is this a polyurethane foam or a latex foam?

Hoping to hear back on a few of these things so I can make up my mind and order!

No way to link, your message format doesn’t allow attachments.
Go to , their frame Infiniflex, looks nothing like the one advertised under their name on your website. I’ve seen the frame on your website in person, it’s not a sensorpedic infiniflex.

As stated earlier, we’ve pinged the staff and will hopefully have some details later this morning.

Thank you for your inquiries.

I just received the mattress I thought I ordered. The carton says “Euro Majestic” 12 inch Queen. Made in CHINA !!.
Woot’s web site says Sensor Pedic Queen 12 inch mattress, made in USA !! 5 layers of foam, hand inspected.
I have requested a pick up of the item. Clearly not what I ordered…
Somebody is pulling a fast one. NOT a happy customer !!

Very sorry to hear that you received the wrong product.

I’ll forward your post along to Woot staff to see if I can help expedite a remedy for you.

Thank you for your ongoing patience while CS resolves the issue.

I am a representative of Soft-Tex, the manufacturer of these mattresses. It was brought to our attention that some people may have received the SensorPedic 12in mattress labeled as “Euro Majestic 12in Mattress.” We apologize if this caused any confusion. The Euro Majestic mattress is the exact same product as the SensorPedic 12in mattress. The specifications, benefits, and features are identical.

Again, we apologize for the confusion.