SensorPedic Pillow 2pk - Your Choice

Amazon reviews on the contour:

No where in the description or specs does it mention the “gel” - only in the name of the product. The materials state the pillow is memory foam and the cover is polyester. Gel would be neither of these two descriptors. What is the gel made of - or is there any gel?

Good Reviews are the Gusseted

The fact that they named their company to try to sound like TempurPedic makes me wary to begin with.

Pillows might be fine but the attempted name confusion along with the wildly inflated SRP ($160? Huh?) send up red flags.

Let’s watch a review [youtube=Op2rJ6UsWsY][/youtube]

Sensorpedic educates us with some sleep facts

That was… unhelpful.

Hmmmmm, the pillows retail for $80 each (high, but arent they all), and seeing how you get 2 with the order, then the $160 retail is correct… Given the woot sale, that is $15 each… Now go find ANY gel, or other type of pillow close to that, and you cant get close to the price ea. So buy or dont buy, but now you have the explanation of the listing…

Who is this Señor Pedic?

In for 1, but I would do more if the blonde was included…

In for 1 set of the gusset end. I’ve been looking at memory foam pillows and they’re so pricey. If this doesn’t work for me, good thing the hubby isn’t picky and they’ll still get used. :smiley:

Having a tough time choosing between gusset and contour ~_~. I’m gunna have to sleep on it.

The contour pillow is worth every penny. I bought one early before I had a horseback riding accident in mid July (psychic? who knows?). I broke a neck vertebra as well as dislocated an elbow and suffered a serious concussion. This pillow kept everything aligned and has allowed me to heal. Highly recommended!

Many people complain about a mildew smell this pillows have and some say it does’nt go away… but after a couple of weeks, it does go away! One thing to do is take off the included cover they come with and they will air up faster… Trust me, I went through that.

this is useless

I was wondering if they off gas.
Pass. The chemicals are a turn off, even if the smell eventually dissipates.

I think they used to sell these at Costco - if not this exact brand, then something very very similar (contoured, with the “gel”, etc). I bought the contoured one and have to say I really really like it. I don’t have neck issues, but I do have lower back issues, and this helps a great deal with them, which I wasn’t even expecting it to. I’m not sure why, but my lower back bothers me much less in the morning after sleeping on my back on this thing than a regular pillow.

If the blonde is sold out, I’ll settle for the brunette.

So…do the people who own these things actually sleep on them without a pillow case?