Sensorpedic Regal Gusseted Memory Foam Pillow - 2 Pack

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Sensorpedic Regal Gusseted Memory Foam Pillow - 2 Pack
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Hmm…looks like I’m the first one that bit on these pillows…

So…are these things washable? Do they last longer than the store-brand pillows I replace every 6 months because they get lumpy and misshapen from my dream nectar (see: drool)?

How thick are these (On a firmness scale) ? I tend to sleep on my stomach and need something pretty thin. I have a soft pillow for stomach snoozing and a medium fluffiness for back napping.

I had these and absolutely loved them. If I remember correctly they were not machine washable, they were spot clean only.

I also sleep on my stomach, I found because these are memory foam they conform to your neck and head. I found them to be very comfortable for stomach sleeping.

After sleeping on these pillows, I became best friends with Mr. Sandman. ZZZZZZ

More about iCool Technology

Um… and the trademark registration information for the term “iCool Technology” helps us how? Just throwing a link in hopes of a “helpful post” point doesn’t really help at all.

Thanks though.

Could anyone confirm what size these pillows are? I can’t find dimensions anywhere but assume they are standard.

[MOD: 24 x 16 x 5.5]

Standard/Queen: 24x16x5½"H

Might have to do this one. We have a couple of similar pillows from a different manufacturer and really like them. I use one under my head and one as a knee/body pillow, and a perforated 3" memory foam topper on the bed. This whole Princess and the Pea setup makes a big difference to my back, hip and shoulder during the night. They’re also the first pillow my husband has not managed to somehow grind into a pathetic mess after three months. It’s been over a year now and his is only showing a little shape change, while mine are good as new. Even if these don’t turn out to be as good as the brand we got, this is basically half the price (and we have plenty of cases to fit them).

And for those new to memory foam pillows/bedding, be sure to allow some time for them to ‘off-gas’ in a ventilated area, and you should knead them a little as they expand from their vacuum packaging. I took the covers off mine and let them air out for a few days in the spare room, giving them occasional vigorous hugs.

(With mattresses, you’re supposed to actually walk across them as much as you can stand to during this process, which most people don’t know and which significantly reduces owner satisfaction as it results in a much less soft and/or responsive bed.)

Items like shoes, mattresses, pillows I only purchase after trying them out in person.

So… any reason you don’t have these anymore?

I to also sleep with a pillow between my knees helps with spine, I am very small 100lbs and just bought a new king pillow top mattress. Would these fit on a king size bed? My biggest concern is being so small and looking for pillows that my head and face will fit into nothing real firm.

The pillows really stink like mildew :-(.

Memory foam often needs to outgas for a day or two. Put it in a warm spot with good air circulation.