Sensorpedic SensorCool Pillow - 2 Styles

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Sensorpedic SensorCool Pillow - 2 Styles
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Reviews at Amazon, conventional, contor, some say they are too small and have a bad odor

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Some people complain that this pillow doesn’t seem any cooler than a normal pillow. Cooling doesn’t mean that it feels cooler than a normal pillow. It simply means that it won’t retain heat. Normal memory is notorious for trapping body heat, making it very uncomfortable in the Summer. To fix that, manufacturers add in gel, which feels cooler. Many also put holes and vents in the pillow. If it feels like a normal non-memory foam pillow, the technology is working.

Please note that the double-sided gel layer is probably not on the contour pillow since that style is not meant to be turned over. My guess is that the gel is only on the contoured side.

I don’t care about the cooling aspect, I just want a pillow that won’t have my ear hurting when I sleep all night. I tend to not move at all for 6-7 hours of sleep so my ear and shoulder are killing me when I get up in the morning.
I’ve tried three or four different kinds of pillows but not the gel or memory foam. I can’t see spending so much for something that may or may not work for me.

A buckwheat pillow will allow you to shape it for the best support, and you can make a little hollow in it for your ear.

I tried the buckwheat. It was like sleeping on a bag of cement to me. :frowning:

The “U” shaped pillows I got here on Woot have a little cup for your ear. I have a buckwheat pillow, a memory foam contour pillow a roll pillow and two of the “U” pillows on my bed right now. I use the “U” pillows almost exclusively. These days I use the other pillows to prop me up when I read or watch tv. The only negative I have for the “U”'s is I get too hot with them. So I have two. I just roll over to the cool one.

Although I like the idea of the advertised pillows, and I’d love a pillow that really let me sleep cooler, I have no use at all for memory foam pillows.

I’ve also had that problem for years and found this pillow to be GREAT for a Side Sleeper.

Check it out at Relax the Back - not cheap, but worth every penny for me. And I have not noticed a heat issue with it at all, even though it is memory foam.

Have you tried those punky shaped ones that his Woot on occasion? They look almost like an upside down U, but slightly shorter on one side. They go in a cover (which comes with it) that makes it so they don’t open up, but there’s a hole in the middle for your ear. It’s supposed to be great if you like to lie down with earbuds, etc, too.

Here: found the link.

Here are a bunch of pillows and related products for people with your problem. They’re sold through Amazon so refunds are probably okay. The ear protectors are non-refundable, however,

For example, this has a special ear well for side sleepers:

Or you can use an ear protector on a regular pillow.

Memory foam pillows will almost definitely not help, and would probably cause more pain. That’s because 1) most memory foams start out hard, and then soften from body heat. The hard phase can be painful if your ear is sensitive. Of note, this company claims that their special foam is less dependent on body heat. 2) The whole point of memory foam is to fit your anatomy snugly. A sensitive ear needs space, and not support. Being surrounded by foam simply adds pressure.

I have never seen such a thing! I’ll be looking this up! Thanks, Community!

Any idea what these are made out of? Neither the amazon page, or the manufacturer page says anything other than the “product named” memory foam. Some memory foam is made from latex, which is important to someone with an allergy.

According to the label on this ebay sale page, no latex.