SentrySafe 160GB Fire-Safe Waterproof Hard Drive

here’s the product website

and the user manual

I’ve always wanted a hard drive for my poolside!

So this can survive fire and water, but not movement? Waiting for SSD version…

$217 at Amazon, and a 5-star review.

And $259 at Walmart.

And some reviews.

So it’s for things that you care too much about to lose in an accident, but not enough about to arrange offsite storage… I care more about keeping my $80.

is it also shock proof? I could see it taking a tumble during a flood or fire…

Does this require an AC power source, or is it completely USB powered?

The article discussed the “new 250 GB” drive after the success of the 160 GB:

“The first and only 160GB FIRE-SAFE/Waterproof Hard Drive was unveiled by Sentry
Safe at the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2008 in January. The device won the “Best of CES Innovations 2008” from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). “Editor’s Choice Award” was also honored to the 160 GB Hard Drive, which is given to the top 20 products launched at CES.”

My guess is that it’s cheap (like Fry’s had at the same price in November, limit 1) because of the capacity.

Yes, watch the video link, they blew it up and it still worked. I was amazed

If your vital files are constantly updated (e.g. customer records), you’ll want to back up in real time, and not rely on off-site storage.

If someone is being particularly ambitious, you could buy three of these (or more with multiple accounts) and take them back in a time machine to when this kind of drive would have been worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions.

That’s a swell idea. At least if you are being ambitious.

and then there’s that thing about a time machine

Is it magnet proof? I see that being a bigger and more relevant problem in the realm of “things in the house or office that could ruin my hard drive.” I mean, how many times have you heard someone say, “Oh darn, my hard drive caught on fire, and then fell in water and is now ruined.” ?

USB, but it takes up 2 ports.

Looking at the manual, I don’t see any power cord, probably entirely USB power for the Maxtor drive inside.

Nightghost answered this just before me. See above.

It also makes a handy weapon. I sleep with on under my pillow facing my door. “Walk in, Burglar, I dare you.”

Can you install a larger hard drive?

Everyone ridiculing the fact that it’s waterproof seems to forget that most of the damage from a house fire comes from all the water used to put it out.

Anybody actually have one of these? Can I get the thing open and swap the drive without ruining the fire- or waterproofness?

My guess is no. The manual says nothing about replacing/trading out the hard drive, and if it takes that much effort to make it stand up to fire and water, I doubt it’s easy to get to even if you wanted to install something bigger (pure guess here).

so…its fireproof as it the fire wont get to it…but how about the heat? i mean, if a house is burning around it wont that cook the insides?

can it survive the falling ceiling? or should u keep this firesafe/watersafe in side an actual safe?