SENZ Original Aerodynamic 30" Storm Umbrella

I have a funny feeling the people sitting behind you at a sporting event might not appreciate your use of this apparatus, especially if it’s keeping you drier than them.

How many people could fit under this thing? Is it made for a single person? Or could I share it with my wife?

If I see you in NYC with this I’ll do my best to try and poke you with my “normal” umbrella. It might work and be a brilliant product… but you look like a douche with it. Not worth it. lol


I’d be afraid of getting beat up using this out in public.

I clocked my friend Mary Poppins doing 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds with this aerodynamic umbrella. Highly recommended!

Does this protect against pencil rain?

Doesn’t look like an easily twirlable umbrella. And if you can’t twirl an umbrella, what’s the point?


Would this umbrella alter Mary Poppins’ flight plan? – just wondering…

Are these invisible to radar?

Buy two… when the street’s flooded, you can use one as the boat and the other as the sail.

Makes no SENZ to me!

It is a good buy for the wivey. All the color choices will allow you to match different outfits.

Reminds me of the girl’s hair from Team Rocket.

Well, you could let her use it.

See the Senz Original Aerodynamic Storm Umbrella in action.

My friend has one and it does work well for the wind (we live in Chicago), but even the large one can only fit one person.


I’d like to see how they actually came up with this design and which bozo withstood 60mph winds for this product!

woots been sucking last couple of days…who da hell needs umbrella that is ‘storm-resistant’ when it is not wide enough to cover up rest of your body from rain… But on the bright side if you ride a motorcycle/bicycle i can see how it can be useful…

Remember Global Warming?
We don’t need these anymore