SENZ Original Aerodynamic 30" Storm Umbrella

I dont know what i’d do without my extra 5 inches (on my previous umbrella i bought)

Well… My brother in Seattle says these are awesome and well worth this price - since I live in Las Vegas where it rains once every three years - NOT FOR ME

Really Woot? REALLY…Grrrr…If I wanted one woot, I would have purchased one at the beginning of the the woot-off, or the last woot-off for that matter.

Hope all they have is one red and one black…NEXT!

I bought it the last go around… would’ve gotten Crimson being a member of the Crimson Tide…

good product

An umbrella for extra wide people! How thoughtful!

52 gone in under a minute? I’d say yep.

AHHHH! I always had an idea for an umbrella like this. But it already exists…sadface.

secretly buys one

I got one of these the previous time they were on sale. I haven’t had an opportunity to use it but I am so glad I bought it.

It looks less awkward if you wear an aerodynamic bike helmet of the same shape underneath it.

“umbrellas EVERYWHERE”

Didn’t sell out the first time - on Snap - different colors.

I’m thinking if we don’t get monkeys next, we have a 3 dayer…

So, I just have to comment on this one. This umbrella is two things,
Nay three,

it is very cool in theory,

way too small,

and awkwardly dorky.


These would be great if I was walking through the streets of Silent Hill at night posing as a wannabe Pyramid Head. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s one tough 'brella!

“■Powers or charges any cell phone”


After GustBuster debacle, will never buy “fancy” umbrellas. $ store versions work great and are disposable.

That YouTube clip that the article links to… shows no sign of rain whatsoever.

I missed them earlier. Bought three this go-round. Going to give them as gifts to my clients who have just moved to Seattle, where they will actually need them.