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These are great conversation starters. Unfortunately the conversation always is “what is wrong with your umbrella?”

pretty cool

i also noticed that video is edited when wind reached 133 kmh. he must have lost the grip.

Previous woot for the 30" version, which some complained was too small:

I got one in a previous Woot!ing, and I must say… it’s a little underwhelming. It’s harder to hold in the wind (they way they recommend) than you’d think, and it doesn’t like to stay closed when I get inside.

It DOES keep me dry in the rain, but not any drier than the previous umbrella I have. (And that one sports a map of the Chicago CTA system.)

It’s not awful, but it’s not awfully wonderful either.

Missed this one the last time it was offered. Glad I was able to get one this time!

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by 1:00 I’d be less worried about getting wet and more worried about a stray penny dashing through my forehead.

Looks like a good deal…

I’m really tall, so my legs and feet end up getting drenched… I’m hoping this thing will help that.

repped one in silver!

Quick review of the standard (not XL, but similar) Senz I picked up from Woot last time they had it:

In short, it’s a great umbrella, and it stands up to the marketing. Took it out during a windy rainstorm, and while the wind did make my knees a little wet, the umbrella stayed in place above my head with little effort on my part, keeping my upper torso (and most importantly, my backpack area) totally dry.

The materials and construction quality look and feel great. It struck me as something that should stand up for a while. In particular, the metal skeleton that holds up the umbrella fabric was flexible but tough, and I love the “eyesaver” plastic covers that go over the points.

Regarding operation, it was a lot easier than I thought at first. The image with the diagram on how to open it makes it seem harder than it really is. You just push the two handle parts together and it opens up and locks into place. Press the button, it closes. It’s not terribly spring-loaded like some umbrellas I’ve used, so it won’t “pop” and startle you.

All in all, I love it. And I didn’t think it looked all that “dorky” either. I may pick up one of these XL ones as well.

Hope this helps.


“I love these Senz Umbrellas, though I’d have to get the XL one.” - that’s the larger one offered today.

Here’s another blog from Japan.

Finally found something to use my coupon on.

Do I need this umbrella? Yes. Because I’m tired of always having my backpack wet in the rain unless I have.a golf umbrella which won’t fit down the two sidewalks I have to take to work. Won’t fit? Yeah, due to some idiot who thought installing street signs and telephone poles retroactively was a good idea. Wheel chairs can just barely sqeeze by, and with 40 MPH street traffic, walking along the street is not an option.

Borrowed on of these, backpack stayed dry, I stayed dry, and I could walk down the street just fine.

Also, a pro-tip if you get one. At least the standard size one that I got, they package it with the umbrella in the fabric sheath, and they also somehow stuff the instruction manual and warranty card inside. This makes it very hard to pull the umbrella out of the sheath for the first time.

Just be careful, and kind of wiggle it out. I was afraid I was going to rip the sheath (it’s thin material), but it held steady. Once you get it out and set aside the info card, sliding the umbrella back into the sheath and removing it again is easy.

Why they didn’t just tape it to the outside of the sheath or to the inside of the packaging container is beyond me. For better looks on a store shelf, I suppose, as the packaging box is translucent.

I got two of these last time they were offered and have been waiting for them to come around again. The quality of the build on these is fantastic. The GF approves so I am in for three more; they will make great Christmass gifts.

So how well does this do when you’re walking and the wind is at your back? How are you supposed to hold it then? Backwards or tilted?

Seem like a good umbrella for students with backpacks.

Amazing quality and too small for 1 adult. I have one and really got wet!!!

HA you need not spend $20 on an umbrella when you live in the desert!
(well when monsoons come maybe it would be useful).