SENZ Umbrella

cool, I just dont want it.

these look funny

hmmm, not sold out, but it says none of the colors are available…

Yeah, I have the same problem.

Not exactly a briefcase umbrella at 35" closed.

ya, i can’t buy one because it won’t let me select a color, each color says it’s not available… grr…

Can you use a ShamWow on this?

Sell these to people in Seattle. Oh, wait, they’re not up yet. Okay, sell these to people in London, oh wait, you don’t ship there. Who is buying these ridiculous looking things?

when is the SBUX $50 giftcard for $20? :slight_smile:

first the headphones sold out right when they came on and I can only order the invisible umbrella. What’s next ? The blinged out cookies will really have crap in it ?

I can’t buy one either. Not sold out, but no colors are available. What gives, woot??

How are others getting these when we can’t pick a color?

Its so windy outside, look at what happened to my umbrella!

can’t buy one!!! won’t let me pick a color!
whats up woot?

Woot is broke and this is only an umbrella, not a box of calendars.

I tried to order one but none of the colors are available.

Not i. LOL

It’s not sold out, but none of the colors are available? I don’t see “invisible” as an option!

I am trying to order one the sell out bar is half way and it says blacks available but when I select black it won’t let me buy I guess its out of stock already :frowning:

Just checked, and for me, it looks like black is available.