SENZ XL Aerodynamic 35” Storm Umbrella

This enables you to say, “I’m Batman” in any weather.

Now for something entirely different.

I almost want to buy one because it’s bigger than the one I already have…

This is what I needed for my halloween costume!

Got it – it’s a nice umbrella, but I can’t figure out the whole “how to hold it” thing. And – it doesn’t want to stay closed unless it’s wrapped in the velcro band.

No regrets, but… not sure if I like it better than the old umbrella I had.

Seriously? An umbrella? The woot off is really getting silly…

Is Rhianna included with umbrelaa…ella…ella?

if only it was this:

Good luck. I still have not received the SENZ umbrellas that I ordered last month.

It looks perfect for a motorcycle with a sidecar attached to it.

Or for a member of an ethnic group known for their large noses. Yes, I’m looking at you, Big Nosed Star Belly Sneetches.

Hey, woot staff—Dr. Seuss references should be automatic Quality Posts!