Serac 24kN Carabiner

Serac 24kN Carabiner

Wouldn’t recommend these. No mention of a CE Mark. Website shows some hammock company. Might be good, might not, but for very close to this you can find locking biners on sale which are fully rated and CE certified.

If you want it for non-life support use, you don’t really need anything this expensive, if you want it because it’s cool, having a reliable brand is cooler. I just bought some Petzl auto lockers for about $11 each.

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Yeaaah agreed…got 3 of these and behold printed on the reverse side of them AND NOT MENTIONED ANYWHERE BY WOOT it says ‘24KN, Not rated for climbing’. So thanks for being deceptive WOOT, I’m tempted to return these.

A better deal at the mothership, 2,4,6-pack CE rated 30kN and less per each

The listing mentions:

  • Versatility is key. When not hanging your hammock, this carabiner is perfect for securely fastening gear to your backpack or anywhere else.

It does say it’s used for hammocks and hanging gear and doesn’t say anything about climbing. I would think that is enough information, personally.

Maybe, but mentioning a 24kN rating is pretty standard fair for climbing gear, hammocks are not rated for life support and have no need for a carabiner rated at anywhere close to 24kN. By making them look like climb rated 'biners, rating them like one, and showing no mention of them not being rated for climbing, never showing the side which says that in pictures… It’s pretty clear the intention is to appear to be climbing carabiners.

It’s more likely the manufacturer is being sketchy than Woot! though, as climbing gear isn’t something they specialize in.

Edit: listing is over anyway, but at some point Woot! did add “not for climbing use”