Serene-Life Portable Bluetooth Boombox

I purchased this speaker refurbished as a Christmas present, my review is as follows.
Ease of use 4/10 -> experienced several connectivity issues
Sound quality 7/10 -> excellent balance with all ranges
Sound volume 3/10 -> lacking significantly
Battery life e 6/10-> decent, nothing special.

I would not recommend people to purchase this.
I was in the process of returning until someone broke into my car and stole it.

Good to know. I returned the ION Job Rocker Plus Bluetooth Speaker I got here a couple of months ago too because of blue tooth conectivity issues. If money is no object LOL, if you want a killer blue tooth device, look at the Marshall Kilburn. Buddy of mine has the Stanmore and it rocks but requires you to plug it in to a AC outlet. But his was signed by Slash (he won it from some radio promotion). I was looking that these “bazooka” style speakers the last time Woot had them and almost pulled the trigger. Glad I seen your review. Thanks

Don’t think you can beat this for the money. Good sound, not that hard to operate. Just can’t understand the “voice in the box.”
Otherwise, big thumbs up!