Serene-Life Portable Bluetooth Stereo

What are the dimensions and weight of the unit?

SLBSP12 5.6 x 5.6 x 10.08

We’ve added Dims to all these items now. :slight_smile:


Do I have to have the LED on or can I have it off?

Yes the lights can be shut off if needed.

I picked one of these up and can share my input. I don’t have a ton of experience with bluetooth speakers, but it seems pretty good for the price range. Sound is not as good as what you can get near the $100 range (even on smaller devices), although it is plenty loud. Pairing and usage was super simple. Max range might be 10m line-of-sight, but it had some trouble going through walls. People with small hands might have trouble picking this up one-handed (without the included strap).

My major qualm: It’s advertised as 2 4" subwoofers and 2 2" speakers. This lead me to believe you’d have one of each on each end, thus some kind of stereo sound. This spec is written on the box, however, on the device and in the instruction manual it states ONE 4" subwoofer. As far as I can tell from inspection, there is only 1 subwoofer. So it actually has 2 2" speakers on one end, and 1 4" subwoofer on the other end. Although the 2 speakers on the same end are actually playing the left and right channels separately, they’re literally right next to each other so it’s not noticeable at all.

Some other notes:

Weighs pretty close to 3 lbs.
The color lights are actually pretty cool, there’s only 1 color “mode” that pulses to the music, the others just cycle through colors in different speeds/patterns.
The instructions state “Please turn off the speaker when charging.”
Power usage is 9W (5W woofer, 2W speakers).

So the stereo can’t be used while plugged in?

It can. I do not know why the manual says to not do it. Maybe the battery doesn’t charge as well? Maybe it can degrade the battery? Maybe it’s just because some USB power sources may not have enough wattage to sustain the speaker, so you might deplete the battery too far without the device detecting it.

Just got my speaker today. I’ve never bought a bluetooth speaker so maybe they’re all like this, but I’m disappointed. The badly accented English voice announcing it is ready to be paired is annoying and the sound is very tinny. It sounds like your basic FM radio of old. The woofer just sounds muffled. And as for volume it isn’t loud enough for my teen to really rock out. Will be looking to return it.