SereneLife Pro-TubeFX Portable BT Boombox Radio

I am interested connecting to my RV truck, will it’s stand the outside elements?

Per the vendor: It is not designed to withstand outdoor elements so indoor or outdoor nice weather only.

2800 mamp hours is not a whole bunch… How long does this last at a comfortable and full volume?

This is crap at 80W (full volume) or 40W both a 12 and a 5 volt system last under a half hour at 2.8 Ah

Had I known this was actually Pyle audio, I would not have purchased. Last Pyle product I purchased from Woot! broke soon after, and Pyle Audio wanted to charge me shipping BOTH WAYS for warranty service. Absolutely a “would not buy”.

In addition, product delivered was the bottom picture, not the top picture. Really not pleased by this at all.

I’m sorry for the problem. The photos should be of the same product, just from different angles.

If you don’t think you got the product shown, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.