Serengeti 160 Lumen Cree LED Flashlight 2 Pack


Lights out!

good for night geocaching…those late night/early AM FTF runs.


Sweet, a strobe light. Now I can hold raves while lost in the woods.

I don’t need anything super-bright or super expensive. I just need something to help me find my way to the bathroom in a power outage. In for one!

Have one of these, just bought two more. Great little lights, very lightweight and suparbright. Has that hold-it-under-your-gun tactical feel, too.

Ooooh … flashy.

love the design

Costco has the same thing, 3 for $19.99

How do these compare to your average $5-$10 LED flashlights you get at any electronics or grocery store?

nice… love these.

Note - not the newest gen cree bulb, but stillv ery bright, and very good for the money.

realistically, expect about 100 lumens out of this cree.

You can get 3 150 lumens for same price over at your local Costco.

I wonder if this will fit inside of 1" weaver mount rings.

For toughs of you that like flashlights as much as I do, this is a must see video.

YouTube Review

How many led’s??? Am I missing something obvious?

Here it is on Amazon

I know a guy who uses this same type of LED flashlight as a bedroom light. Seriously.