Still looking for the hidden spaceship.

And yes, JK.

Sorry Woot, but your theme leaves distaste in my mouth for this design. Would have been great standalone but the ‘figure X’ nonsense really ruins it for me. Textless and I might have bought one. :stuck_out_tongue: Ah well. I still shop here sometimes.

Gorgeous. What a green… I’ll just imagine the intricate + decorous gate to the interior that is Fig. 2 ; )

Here’s a one sentence explanation on string theory that I found on Google:
String theory tries to construct a supersymmetric framework in 10 (11) dimensions from which all known elementary particles and interactions including gravity emerge (uniquely) from the modes of an one-dimensional, vibrating string.

Glad I’m not the only one!

I know where the spaceship is in this - she’s just behind those hills. Wash is keeping her warmed up in case they need a quick getaway. :wink:

I stopped looking for the spaceship, but I’m still looking for the dragon. Is it all just his head, with nostrils and eyebrows on each side, or am I completely overanalyzing?

I wanted this to be a reference to Firefly.

Me too. I love it the way it is, but can someone please tell me how to see the dragon?


How do I get this on canvas instead of on a shirt (and without the “Fig 1” in it)?

Sorry, we’re not currently selling it on canvas, and I don’t think we’d sell it without it being the full design (Fig 1 part included).

Late to the party, but I would like this so much more without the text.