Seresto Flea and Tick Collar For Dogs

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar For Dogs

Anyone else only get 1 of these instead of the 2 advertised? It would be odd if they showed up in separate shipments since it’s only 1 order.

I can’t find your order to look at it. Go ahead and reach out to Woot CS.

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I got a single collar unlike the 2 pack as advertised only. What’s going on woot?

Seems to be a problem with the vendor that fulfilled the order. Contact customer service and they likely offer you to return the one you got for a full refund or give you credit for half your purchase price. I took the later option but be careful if you do because their calculation doesn’t include tax so I actually got less than half my cost back.

If you complain enough, you can get them to refund the applicable tax.

(Speaking from experience.)

You didn’t check the specs tab. Number of items = 1.

What if it’s one 2-pack?

Nah, the “2 pack” is the collar + the tin container

Show me any other listing where a 2 pack means the product and the package it comes in and I’ll believe you.

He forgot the /s

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It’s hard to tell sometimes so I removed 3 paragraphs of questionable response before publishing just in case.

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2 Count = 1 Box
7 piece, but only 6 cups

Pots and pans or storage bowls are often sold as “8 packs” when it simply means 4 pans/bowls + 4 lids.
3 pack but actually 6 socks
1 pack, 10 colors
2 pack, but actually hundreds of peanuts
2 piece, but comes with 4 pieces
3 pack, but comes with card and adapter…yet specs tab says pacakge qty = 1

In short, term “two-pack” has many interpretations on woot.

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