Serfas Cycling Shoes

This is a good deal, but too many road shoes already. I’d be in for a MTB shoe, Woot . . .

Want to get these but I"m between a 44 and 45-- would you size up or size down?

Hi, My name is JT and I work for Serfas. Yes, you can use Speedplay pedals / cleats with these shoes.

Hi, My name is JT and I work for Serfas. I would recommend the 44, our shoes have lots of room in the toe box so they tend to feel bigger than most cycling shoes. However, all feet are different (my left is bigger than my right) so go with your gut on this one.

Hi, My name is JT and I work for Serfas. Our shoes have lots of room in the toe box so they tend to feel bigger than most cycling shoes. I would use the Serfas size chart based on your sneaker / shoe size and convert it over.

Hi, My name is JT and I work for Serfas. These shoes are from our 2013 line.

What is the arch support like? I use to ride high arch and high heel too (good for putting the power onto the ball of your feet). Are these arches high?

I don’t know what my true European size is but I wear size 45 Shimano shoes. How does Serfas’ sizing compare to Shimano’s?

JT - I wear a 7.5 running shoe. My current spin shoes are pearl izumi and are a 40.

Should I order a 39 or 40?

The insoles included with these shoes would be considered normal arch support (not high or low). If so desired, you could certainly purchase any custom insole (for high arch / heel) and add them to your Serfas cycling shoes.

The first non-robot comment was a link to the mfg product page… where the 4th line of the product description is this: “SPD-SL, SPD-R, LOOK, SPEEDPLAY Compatible”

It’s not even mixed in with any other text… it’s super easy to spot on the page.

Also, the Speedplay website has docs on compatible shoes. They say this on their site about Serfas shoes:

***USE: Road … MANUFACTURER:Serfas … SHOE MODEL:2013 - Serfas Nylon


Compatible. Use factory installed 1-F and 1-R Snap Shims.***

Sheesh… sometimes I wonder if people comment in here cause they are sitting at home alone and just need a little “human” contact.

I would go with the 40

If you wear 45 in Shimano, I would order a 45 in Serfas. The sizing (length) is very similar to most manufacturers standards of cycling shoes. The difference is Serfas cycling shoes have a little more room in the toe box (wider) which is nice.

I just purchased a pair - Can someone recommended a good cleat to purchase? I will be using these for spin class.

Depends on where your feet are wide…these claim to have a wide toebox, and as someone with very wide feet I’ve gotten good at judging the fit from the shape of the sole. These are wide at the knuckles of the toes, but not so much at the arch or heel, so if your arch is low/wide or you have a wide heel, don’t buy without trying them on. I have a big toe that sticks almost straight out, rather than angling in towards the center of the foot, so the radius on the inside edge of these tells me that I wouldn’t fit these. I got some ‘wide toebox’ Diadoras a couple of years ago that are marginal in fit, I wouldn’t but them again.

are the men and women’s shoes the same or are they designed differently?

I have a pair of cycling shoes now that are a size 43.5 wide (Sidi) Should I get the 43’s or the 44’s?

I have a pair of Sidi magnums (wide) in size 43.5. Do you recommend the 43 or the 44?

hey there - these look good and great price - do all that are bought here come in white?

This is a deal. Finally. A deal I can say is a deal.

I don’t need shoes at the moment, but I like Serfas, generally (Pumps, tape, tires) and if this product is anything like all their other products, you’ll get something functional and durable for a lot less coin than their nearer competitors.