Serfas Cycling Shoes

I would love to dive in but I must pass on these. Reason: They do not recess the cleat. I don’t use Look because I don’t want to walk like a duck at rest stops. I use Time and want a shoe that has the cleat recessed so I can walk normally. These appear to put the cleat at the base of the shoe. A pity; I’m in the market for cycling shoes too…

I’ve never used my cycling shoes for spinning, but I think those bikes typically take SPD cleats. That probably explains why I’ve never used my shoes since I ride on Speedplays (and sometimes Look).

Half sizes are tough. If you feel like there is wiggle room in your Sidi 43.5’s, I’d go 43, if you feel like you are maxed out in your Sidi’s I’d go 44.

These shoes are the same (Men’s and Women’s), but the sizing is different.

Good luck with that… it’s rare to find a true road shoe with recessed cleats. There are some road-style shoes like the SH-RT82 (which is still classified as a tourer), but not many.

The reason is that the 2-bolt SPD cleats were designed for mountain bikes and touring rigs. The shoes for both those have actual tread on the bottom that allows for the cleat to be recessed so you can walk (at least semi) normally off the bike.

I have seen a few covers for various cleat types that can slip over them for walking. That could work if you really want a road shoe, but without the walking-on-the-cleat-directly part.

Personally, I usually take my shoes off if I stop to fill up a water bottle or something since I don’t want to screw up anybody’s flooring with my cleats.

Do you need an adapter to convert these shoes to a 2-bolt cleat?

how does this ratchet work? it seems non-standard, and if their website requires a picture on how to release it, it must be some odd setup.

My shoes arrived today, size 49, a perfect fit luckily. Thanks woot

Sadly, mine ended up being a touch too small, so we’ll see what Woot Customer Service can do.

That said, they’re definitely nice shoes.

For the person asking how to release the top strap, you simply push in the little black switch (leave the metal clasp down) and you should be able to loosen as needed.

Thanks…I figured it out once I got the shoes. It is a touch on the larger size. The lower metatarsus area (right before where the toes starts) has a bit of space and there is too much the velcro can do to tighten that. Had to wear thicker socks to compensate for that.

Also, the SPD slots does not run thru the center axis of shoes, so have shift cleat all the way to its edge just to get the cleat in the center position. So if you like to ride with your feet slightly on the outside of the pedal, you are out of luck.

Thirdly, the SPD slot is kind of short on one side, so I have to push it all the way to the front just to get the cleat center line under the ball of my feet. Plus, there are a whole bunch of threaded holes in the long slot that prevents the cleat holes being able to rotated beyond a few degrees. Rotating that, along with the play on the cleats, is barely enough to rotate the cleat so I can have my feet rest in its natural angle.

I’ll see if these maxed out settings are enough to ride comfortably.

I bought these to use in cycle class at the gym is that what these are for? I’m confused. Did I buy something I don’t need? I don’t have a bike.

you can use these shoes for that purpose. you just have to buy some Shimano SPD compatible cleats. If you get genuine shimano SPD cleats, you should get the SH51 ones.

I wish I had sized up. 45 Euro is a bit too small for my size 11 1/2 American feet.